G.R. Theron is a Seattle-based, genre fiction storyteller.  In addition to writing, he is also an active artist, photographer, podcaster, and wayward spirit. A graduate from the University of Washington, he is formally educated as a classic historian with an emphasis on Hellenistic Greece and the Roman Republic.

He balances his time between the things that make a living and those that make a life.

My Review Policy

Occasionally, I’ll post reviews of books on Goodreads or here on my site. I do not pretend, nor do I have any aspiration to be, a professional reviewer. There are a wealth of wonderful voices already in that space and I would encourage you to look towards them for critical reviews.

Instead, my reviews follow this format:

  • A single line summary of how I enjoyed the story.
  • A few elements that stood out for me.
  • A reason someone may want to give a shot
  • A few similar pieces that struck me a particular way.

I term these reviews as “take a moment” posts. Take a moment to check this out, to listen to this song, to watch this clip, to enjoy this story, and so forth. Your time is valuable, and my purpose here is to maybe show you something that is worthy of your time.

As an author, my place in this community is to entertain. It’s to create a story that provides a healthy means of escapism. Should you enjoy my stories, my voice here, or if you think I’m just a swell guy…my job is done. And that means my job as a reviewer is to also gesture towards other things I enjoyed, hoping you’ll like them too.

Lastly, I obviously can’t review everything, even if I enjoy it immensely, so please don’t assume my silence on any given thing is a sign that I don’t like something. It may mean I don’t…but it may not…it’s Schrodinger’s review.