Welcome to the new home for the work and wanderings of G.R. Theron. Things are currently under construction, and new features and content are on their way. I appreciate your interest and patience.

In the meanwhile, I’m including a picture of where many of the seeds of my work were conceived. Over the course of my education, I would sneak time away from my studies and open a notebook to dream and wonder and plan. I filled these notebooks with projects and concepts that I’d do “later”.

And then the years passed, as they do. Jobs came and went, as they do. Friends, coworkers, and lovers entered then exited my life. Yet, time and time again those notebooks remained. They persisted despite being faded with time and worn by use.

Again and again I would open them and remind myself  of these things that I would do later.

When I had time.

When I was ready.

Later meant so many things. It meant a completed career. It meant marriage. It meant when I owned a home and a car and had stocks. Later was a time when I had the trappings of success with the freedom to create. A time, I imagined, when I could turn my attention from trying to making a living and instead put time towards making a life.

But that isn’t life, is it?

The truth is that later will always be later unless you make that moment now. So here I am. I hope what results will entertain or inspire or be a small measure of joy. Just as they are, and have been, for me.

Because now is later.

Suzzallo Library | 2013
Suzzallo Library | 2013